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バージョンアップ情報  Posted by Ichigo


★BBFileScout v.0.6.5


  • Thumbnail support for images (if enabled in BBFileScout options)

BBFileScout is able to display a small (depending on the selected font site) preview of supported image files.

Please note that this option could eat up a lot of performance of your device, if you open a directory that contain a large number of images that have a file size which is larger the 500KiB. In order to avoid serious performance problems the search result will not display thumbnails for images.

  • BBFileScout will display a 128px preview of image files in the details dialog [Key shortcut: I] The thumbnail creation could take some moments – so please be a bit patient.
  • Select your favorite folder icons: default:
  • When you have chosen ‘Ask each time’ in the ‘When destination exist’ option then it can become quite inconvenient when you will be prompted for plenty of files and you have to select each time the option of your choice. This have been improved: BBFileScout will now remember the first made choice and for the next time the dialog will be displayed the ‘OK’-Button is automatically focused.





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