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2009/08/26 – FileScout release of

【What’s new?】

  • ‘BBFileScout’ is now called just ‘FileScout’

The double ‘BB’ was removed from the application name cause of legal concerns – actually this change requires, that you have to delete your current BBFileScout installation [Options – Advanced Options – Applications] (reboot might be required) before you can install FileScout v1.2.0.0. I am sorry for this inconvenience.

  • New Option: ‘Check for Updates’ – allows you directly from FileScout to check, if a new Version of the application is available.
  • Renamed ‘Stack’ to ‘vClipboard’ in the hope that this is easier to understand for most of the users how copy and move operations can be performed.
  • New “Search for text” function in the integrated text editor (incl. “Find next” function and case sensitive/case insensitive switch)
  • New keyboard shortcut: [SHIFT]+[M] (M)odify Image
  • New Thumbnail Option: ‘Do not try to reload broken images’ – when you have specified a ‘Thumbnail-Store Directory’ FileScout can also store the information about broken images – so the next time folders with broken images are opened there will be no warning message for the same files again.
  • If ‘Confirm Delete of files & directories’ is enabled, and you want to delete multiple files you have a new checkbox in the confirm dialogue: ‘Do not ask again for this selection?’ – once this is checked, all files of the selection will be deleted without additional confirmation.

What’s fixed?

  • Loading of folders containing more then 1000 files now much faster (again) – progress bar updating fixed


2009/08/28 – GPSLogger release of fix of the fix

【What’s fixed?】

  • My apologize – never use WHILE statements when you are not sure, if the condition ever can become false – I have put that in my pipe and smoked it – the freezes had nothing to do with “older devices” or anything like that. The problem occurred in unlucky combinations of default device font settings and the GPSLogger font selection.

I have corrected the code and thanks to the help of Joachim the problem is fixed now.

  • Logger does not stop logging anymore when distance signal is used (was reported by users in the forum)

★GPSiesConnect– Access to for BlackBerry® Devices with OS 4.2.1 or higher に直接アクセスするアプリケーションが公開されています。


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★IDrive Lite

AppWorld経由ですが「IDrive Lite」のBlackBerry版の公開が開始されています。(こちら





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