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★RIM Launches BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac | BlackBerry Cool

RIM has released a version of it’s BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac. RIM has relied on acquired third party syncing software for a few years now, with some features simply not present and others obviously not as well-crafted as the native PC BlackBerry Desktop Software. I had been running XP (albeit very slowly) through emulation on the Mac OS just to deliver all the features of the PC utility so this comes as very welcome news.

Here are some of the features:

  • Sync iTunes® playlists
  • Sync personal info like contacts
  • Sync tasks and appointments
  • Install new software, games, and more
  • Keep your BlackBerry software up to date
  • Create partial or full system backups

Download BlackBerry Desktop Software for mac after 1:00pm Eastern  → ★BlackBerry – BlackBerry for Mac


「Download Now」へページが変更されました


参考:Mac用のDesktopManagerを導入してみた – 黒と苺の BlackBerryBold日記

 - BBNews


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