Poll: Can you replicate Apple’s reported “Bold 9700 antenna issues” on your device? I can’t… |

Update: Well, after a few thousand quick votes it seems some 86% of us BlackBerry Bold 9700 users think El Jobso’s evidence is a big pile of BS. As for the 14% who think it may hold water, well, I’m sure some of those must be legit… but the numbers speak for themselves. Sorry Steve – it seems you became part of the media you like to beat up on with this one… making a story where one doesn’t actually exist. *If you’re on the internet today anywhere near a tech website, you’ve probably heard and/or seen posts surrounding Apple’s iPhone 4 press conference that focused on the hoopla surrounding the device’s apparent antenna issues (check out‘s full coverage). According to Apple, well, there are none. Phones aren’t perfect. And furthermore, the BlackBerry Bold 9700 they tested out apparently had antenna issues of its own too.