【VerUP】UberTwitter Beta-8(v0.985)リリース


Beta-8 has been released! | UberTwitter

Changes and Fixes for release 2

・Fixed issue where timelines would freeze
・Fixed issue where @replies would show up late
・Improved memory management
・More efficient timeline scrolling
・No longer relies on the device time/timezone being correct
・Added ‘Mentions’ button to user profiles, taking you directly to a timeline of tweets that mention that user
・BlackBerry notifications can now be turned on/off within options for regular tweets, @replies, and DMs individually
・Added a ‘Delete All’ to the ‘Hashtag Picker’ menu
・Restored the ability to ‘load more’ tweets on timelines
・Fixed a bug in our cell tower geolocation capability which was preventing some towers from being recognized
・Fixed a bug where if you select it, the location field in your profile wasn’t getting updated
・The ‘enter’ key will now work the same as a trackball click on one of our custom buttons
・Fixed bug that was causing input exceptions when composing a tweet on Storms
・Improved the visual quality of the icons
・Allowed older devices to select the larger icons
・Fixed the sound alerts so that only one alert is received for 1 or more new tweets/@replies/DMs
・Fixed the countdown of unread tweets when putting the application in the background
・Caught a condition where some users were trying to send a tweet and it would send out the text ‘null’ instead
・HTML entities are now converted to the correct Unicode character
・If you have unread marks set to auto-manager, then leaving the @replies screen and DMs screen will mark all of those as read
・Added back the ability to select SSL connection to Twitter
・The number of tweets returned in ‘Everyone Near You’ and searches now respects the setting under ‘options’.