BerryReader 1.1 Public Beta公開



BerryReader 1.1 Public Beta
Version 1.1.05, Sep 10th, 15:00 CET
– Added OS 6.0 build
– Added ‘Share on Twitter’ support
– Added homescreen notification icon setting
– Added support for viewing of full article in BerryReader (OS 5.0 and higher only)
– Added option to search in feed list (simply start typing)
– Added support for Google/Instapaper mobilizer when opening articles in browser
– Added new feedback menu item that redirects to this forum
– Added menu item/shortcut for marking items read/unread
– Using native toolbar (OS 6.0)
– Enlarged ‘Mark all as read’ field
– Changed layout of settings to mimic OS 6.0 settings screens
– Changed feed select list to show tags above feeds
– Showing unread count for tags in the feeds list
– Clicking links in articles will open links in browser right away instead of showing context menu
– Fixed touch/click not expanding articles on touchscreen devices
– Fixed some subscriptions not showing any items
– Fixed thumbnails being reloaded on every UI launch
– Fixed sign up link in login screen not working
– Potential fix for ‘process terminated’ bug