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UberTwitter Beta-4リリース続報


UberTwitter Beta-4がリリースされています。


・Multiple Accounts – You can now configure multiple accounts, each with their own set of on-device preferences.

・You can now BLOCK people!

・Video Integration – We have partnered with to offer you an outstanding video integration.

・Goto user – You can now enter twitter users name and go directly to their timeline

・URL Shortening – we’ve integrated with so you can easily send those long URLs now and not bump up against the 140 limit

・MUCH faster photo uploads, significantly improving the user experience.

・Use of the internal GPS is now solidly supported with proper fallback to cell tower based location when GPS isn’t available.

・Icon Caching If you have and SD card, we will cache avatar icons on the card, increasing the speed of timeline displays and reducing network traffic.

・You can now select pictures and videos that have already been take and are on your device. The interface shows the most recent at the top and offers a preview so you can verify it is the picture/video you expected!

・When composing a tweet you can now insert symbols from a large selection of commonly available characters such as smiley’s, hearts, etc.

・Integrated advertisements – Please note, the ads are there to support the freely distributable version of ÜberTwitter. Users that purchase ÜberTwitter will not have advertisement in their version.

・We’ve streamlined the friends and followers lists

・You can now see both the number of friends, followers, and tweets sent when viewing the details of a tweet.

・Replying to a DM from the timeline will now correctly send a DM and not a regular tweet

・Fixed the bug in reply all where it would truncate some twitter user names

・Added reply all to the menu when viewing a tweet




今後Uberは無償→広告付き 有償→広告なし という事になりそうですね。






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  1. coral より:

    広告無し有料版出るまで、Beta4の「前」テストバーション使う事に( ̄o ̄;)ボソッ

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