BlackBerry Bold Touchの画像が流出

More BlackBerry 9900 Pictures Side by Side With Current Devices – BerryReview

So far we have seen several pictures of the BlackBerry 9900, including a video of it. The guys over at ZonaBlackBerry got their hands on some more pictures of this device. I honestly can’t wait until this device finds it’s way to my hands. I like the 9800 touch screen QWERTY combo but the slider makes it a bit of pain to use. Having a device that does away with having to slide it eliminates that step. The latest batch of pictures show the device running OS Platform v The 6.1 is the OS version. The back of the device has the name Brand that means it has not been given a name yet and is likely a pre-production device. If you wanted to get an idea of how the device looks in size compared to current devices check out the the pictures below. The device is not much bigger than the 9800 but it is a bid wider.I love how slim this device looks compared to the other devices.

BlackBerry Bold Touchの写真が掲載されています。