Why did RIM choose to build a smaller tablet with a 7″ display vs. going bigger? Here’s the story! |

The Globe and Mail posted a really great article yesterday titled RIM makes a play for its future that walks through a lot of the back story leading up to the creation of the BlackBerry PlayBook, and how RIM is positioning themselves for the future. I definitely recommend reading the full article, which looks at both RIM’s success and the challenges and opportunities they face moving forward. 

Relating to the BlackBerry PlayBook specifically, the article helps us to confirm some of those early rumors we were tracking going back to the first whispers of a tablet (that RIM was originally thinking about doing a tablet based of the BBOS, but after the iPad got announced knew they had to do something more ambitious) and confirms that the product development cycle for the PlayBook was extremely fast.

Hands On With the BlackBerry PlayBook Music Player – BerryReview

I took some time to play with the BlackBerry PlayBook music player and thought I would share the features with you. The player is pretty slick but seems to lack any options which is odd like an equalizer but other than that it is awesome. You can control the music from the buttons on top allowing you to play/pause and raise and lower the volume. If you hold down the volume up and down keys it will skip forward or back a track which is also nice.