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BlackBerry R47 (9980)の情報


BlackBerry 9980の情報らしいです。

By now, the BlackBerry R47 (9980) has made it’s rounds to just about every BlackBerry fan out there. Everyone has seen the blurry previously leaked images, then the high res images and now the video. But what is this thing? Is it a real BlackBerry device that will eventually be available or is it some rejigged BlackBerry Bold 9900 that someone is just trying to pass off as a new BlackBerry device?


At this point there is no definitive information available but we have some speculative insight now that the device is out there more. Take it for what it’s worth but we’re hearing that this device, for now dubbed the BlackBerry R47 is actually codenamed “Knight” and was designed by Porsche and could possibly be launched as a limited special edition. Though, looking at the comments surrounding the device thus far, maybe RIM will consider scrapping the whole thing altogether.

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A mystery BlackBerry has been popping up around the internet the past week or so, including a whole slew of pictures we posted up yesterday. We still don’t know what exactly this crazy looking device is, but BerryCN is referring to it as a BlackBerry Bold R47 (9980), and claims it has basically all the same internals as the BlackBerry Bold 9900, including BB7 (the video shows v7.0.0.368), wifi, 3G, NFC, and a 5-megapixel camera. Sorry, still no autofocus folks. 

引用元: What is the BlackBerry R47 (9980)? We don’t know, but we have a video! |

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