2012 BBX BlackBerryのロードマップ- London, Lisbon, Milan, Nevada, Black Forest

There is still a ton we don’t know, but we’re hearing enough things now that the picture is becoming a little more clear. Of course we’re all familiar with and have seen the photo of BlackBerry “London” (formerly Colt), the first BBX phone that is expected to be announced in 2012 featuring the BBX operating system and a full touchscreen display.

The latest we heard is that London is currently targeting an early March launch (March 13th specifically, but internal launch targets are just that – targets, so we wouldn’t put much weight on that kind of specific… I personally am not so sure on this March time frame). We’re hoping to see the first BBX phone get unveiled at CES coming up in January in Las Vegas, but if the target is March or later and knowing that things tend to get pushed back vs. pushed forward, I’m not so sure anymore. If that’s the case, CES may be more of a PlayBook OS 2.0 relaunch (maybe we’ll see some partner announcements finally) and BBX phone unveilings may come a month or two later. I’ll keep my fingers crossed though.

Of course RIM will do more than one BBX device in 2012. Other codenames for upcoming BlackBerry devices we’re starting to hear about include “Lisbon,” “Milan,” “Nevada,” and “Black Forest.”

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London、Lisbon、Milan、Nevada、Black Forestという名称が出ているようですね。
そしてBlack ForestはPlaybookとのことです。