ÜberSocial バージョンアップ

UberSocial Download

Welcome! You are moments away from experiencing a truly advanced Twitter client developed especially for BlackBerry devices. Version 1.185 includes the following changes:

・Fixed issue with trending topics not loading
・Fixed issue with recommended users not loading
・Much simpler initial setup
・Added retweet count to each retweet in the timeline
・Fixed bug where DMs and @replies might be displayed twice
・Removed ability to send DMs with >140 chars, pictures, videos, or location
・Added ability to log out
・Fixed bug where clicking ‘lists’ from a users profile or an open tweet would cause a null pointer exception

We encourage you to use the ‘feedback’ item on the menu once you have it installed in order to tell us what features you would like to see in the next version!


The ÜberSocial Development Team

(ÜberSocialのメニュー → Check For Update でも可)